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Course Ref No. TGS-2022013916

Understanding and Interacting with People with Disabilities

Classroom & Asynchronous



With the inception of the Enabling Master Plan by SG Enable over a decade ago, there were several initiatives and policies put in place to promote the well-being and integration of persons with disabilities (PwDs). To co-create an inclusive culture and environment, we need to better skill the society in integrating and supporting PwDs.

More training opportunities could be provided for persons without disabilities who frequently meet PwDs in their work or community activities to acquire important knowledge and skills to facilitate the integration of PwDs. This course aims to make such training module an integral part of staff training for companies and agencies serving the public. The authentic interaction with PwDs is a key element in this course which will enhance the desired mindset and attribute critical to an inclusive culture.


Course Overview

This course will be especially essential and useful for those whose work involves contact with PWDs when providing programmes and personal care services. For example, they are required to accompany clients to and from appointment activities. They are also required to provide administrative and logistical support for the implementation of programmes/services and care plan administered by their respective organisations. The course will provide them with the knowledge and skills to distinguish the needs of different types of persons with disabilities and be client-centric when applying the appropriate care and assistance in performing their work.

This module targets participants who will interact with persons with disabilities in the course of their work or daily activities. They may need to support or care for persons with various types of disabilities. Hence there is a need for them to identify and understand needs and concerns of people with physical, emotional, learning and intellectual disabilities. This course is recommended for service professionals from the following sectors:

Professionals who need to interact or work with persons with disabilities at their home, in the community or at the workplace. It may include care support staff, social service staff and volunteers. For example, professionals such as Social Service or Disability Care/Support workers. Helpers and volunteers of care and social services organisations.

The course will be suitable for people who may encounter PwDs in their work or community activities and need to ensure the safety of people with disabilities when required to interact and accompany them in the course of their work.

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Employment opportunities exist in the following sector


(including early education)


Healthcare or
Medical Services


Home-based Care Services


Non-Profit Sectors


Senior Management Staff and Trainers

Course Objectives

  • This course is a unique approach to provide first-hand experience in interacting and supporting PwDs.

  • Participants will gain an in-depth understanding of the various impairments and their challenges.

  • Participants will learn evidence-based approaches to support PwDs in the participation in mainstream activities by adopting inclusive instructional strategies and creating an inclusive environment.

  • The course aspires to produce confident advocates who can support PwDs in community integration.


Course Learning Outcome

By the end of this course learners will be able to:

  • Relate to the challenges and needs of PwDs.

  • Treat persons with disabilities with respect and dignity.

  • Escort persons with disabilities safely from one location to another.

  • Support persons with disabilities in moving from one location to another location with the help of transport devices or walking aid.

  • Adjust the implementation of WSH to meet needs of PwDs in the workplace and/or in daily situations.

  • Apply appropriate self-care techniques to maintain emotional health of oneself.

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